Are you an Entrepreneur? an Investor?

A-Capital provides you with financial advisory, solutions and networks

Founded in 2007 in
Switzerland, A-Capital is entirely dedicated to high-caliber entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. We act as your trusted, dedicated and independent financial advisor in order to save you time and money.

We strive to execute and optimize the financial goals of our elite clients.

Cash flow generation, Return-on-investment and Performance optimization are our obsessions.

We are expert financial practitioners, hands-on project managers and internationally connected professionals.

Our service is delivered in a customized, concrete and result-oriented fashion.

Our Solutions

A-Capital is created to save you time and money by providing you with a well-designed suite of comprehensive financial solutions


Our Swiss foundations largely define our business Ethic, to the benefit of our clients

Luxury customer service

Clients of A-Capital are successful entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. They belong to a distinguished elite, expecting discretionary and tailored services. We act in our clients’ best interest and satisfaction, by fine-crafting and delivering creative as well as realistic financial solutions.


Agility, risk taking, execution, initiative, innovation are core ingredients of succesful entrepreneurship. At A-Capital, we truly admire entrepreneurship and view it as the fuel of economic and social strength. Helping entrepreneurs and investors achieve their financial goals is our "raison d’être".


Reputation is A-Capital’s major asset. To preserve and increase our Reputation, we build strong, cohesive ties with our team, business partners and most importantly with our clients. Cohesion results from self & mutual respect, dedication and responsible gouvernance.


We take pride only from adding-value to our clients’ objectives. Financial best-practices, cash optimisation, return on investment, precise and timely execution form the key contribution factors according to which our clients assess the value we add and renew their relationships with us.

What our Customers Say