• Financial Advisory

    for Entrepreneurs, Managers

    Private Investors 

  • Financial Advisory

    for Entrepreneurs, Managers

    Private Investors 

  • Financial Advisory

    for Entrepreneurs, Managers

    Private Investors 


A-Capital provides expert financial advisory services, dedicated to help Entrepreneurs,
Managers and Private Investors solve their financial challenges.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Execution of your local & cross-border corporate transactions (M&A, disposal, joint-venture, financing),
  • Performance review and upgrade of your financial structure and operations
  • Active analysis and oversight of your investments, in both private and public capital markets.

Our obsession is to optimize your cash-flowsprofits and return-on-investment.

We strive to be your independent and trusted financial advisor.

We act as your CFO. We behave as your Partner.




A-Capital Advisors bloc entrepreneurs UK

investment A-Capital Advisors

Expand via investments, M&A, disposals

A-Capital :

  • Review of investment opportunities or acquisition targets
  • Design financial models for accurate business planning
  • Execute processes of investments, M&A, disposals
  • Define and search for adequate financing

cash-flow A-Capital Advisors

Strive to increase cash flows

A-Capital :

  • Review working capital processes and performance
  • Analyse financial policies and options
  • Set cash targets and prepare action plans to deliver on such targets

profitability A-Capital Advisors

Fight for profitability

A-Capital :

  • Define and monitor key performance indicators
  • Design profitability-driven financial reporting models
  • Prepare action plans involving pricing, purchasing, cost savings, financing, and organisation management

A-Capital Advisors bloc Private Investors

buy-sell A-Capital Advisors

Regularly buy and sell new assets

A-Capital :

  • Design financial models for accurate transaction planning
  • Execute processes of sale / purchase transactions

profitability A-Capital Advisors

Monitor and control their assets/liabilities

A-Capital :

  • Perform risk & optimization review of assets
  • Advise on global investment strategies and wealth allocation
  • Help filter suitable investments instruments

manage A-Capital Advisors

Improve the governance of their wealth

A-Capital :

  • Design and monitor all-inclusive consolidated wealth reports
  • Track performance of individual investments and managers
  • Analyse fair-valuation of investments and trajectory of cash-flows
  • Help draft strict and efficient wealth-governance rules


Geneva-based Surface finishing firm integrated resources and operations of a recently acquired manufacturing unit
A-Capital acted as interim CFO, renegotiating funding terms with lenders, project managing financial operations integration and recruiting the continuity team
Financial Management (Optimisation)

Founders of an IT Consulting firm sold their minority stakes
A Capital acted as financial advisor to the sellers
M&A (Disposal)

A private investor sold a €40m development real-estate asset through a tax-efficient share-deal
A-Capital acted as financial advisor to the seller
M&A (Disposal)

An expert Swiss chemical firm, privately-owned, upgrades its financial management processes
A-Capital acts as financial advisor, supervising reporting, cash & capex
Financial Management (Optimisation)

A European regulated family-office requires outsourced investment advisory services
A-Capital acts as investment advisor to the regulated family office
Investment Advisory (Controlling)

Managers (and minority shareholders) of a Swiss-based Consulting firm renegotiated their shareholders agreement and management package
A-Capital acted as financial advisor to the minority shareholders, designing and executing the negotiation strategy
Financial Advisory (Structuring)

A Luxembourg-based corporate defined new processes and policies to upgrade its €100M+ treasury management
A-Capital acted as financial advisor to the corporate institution and helped select a qualified manager
Investment Advisory (Controlling)

An innovative fashion start-up raised funds to expand its manufacturing and distribution capabilities
A-Capital acted as financial advisor to the start-up, managing the fund raising process
M&A (Fund raising)

A privately owned Surface finishing firm completed the acquisition of a “Swiss-made” manufacturer of luxury accessories
A-Capital acted as financial advisor to the Swiss chemical firm and its owner
M&A (Acquisition-merger)

A HNWI required an independent performance, cost/tax and risk assessment of its financial and real estate holdings
A-Capital acted as advisor to the HNWI and identified areas of optimization and risk management
Investment Advisory (Controlling)

An UHNWI acquired a new Yacht
A-Capital acted as financial coordinator, addressing corporate structuring, financing, registration and tax
Financial Advisory (Structuring)

A group of private investors funded the MBO of a Perfume and Jewelry company
A-Capital originated the project and acted as financial advisor to the group of private investors
M&A (Acquisition)

A wealthy Real Estate investor restructured and refinanced a portfolio of assets & loans
A-Capital acted as financial advisor to the private investor
Financial Advisory (Structuring)

A leading Swiss IT & Management Consulting firm formed a strategic alliance with a Franco-German partner
A-Capital acted as financial advisor to the owners of the Swiss company
FM&A (Disposal)

A French private equity fund acquired a minority stake in a fast-growth retail firm
A-Capital formed part of the advisory team to the private equity fund
M&A (Acquisition)


A multi-cultural team of entrepreneurially-minded advisors, bringing sound financial expertise, common sense and international reach.

Alexis Iché
(MBA INSEAD ; London School of Economics)

Alexis brings 20 years of hands-on experience in the fields of investment and corporate finance, acquired in London, Madrid and Geneva. Alexis focuses on advising entrepreneurial firms, family offices and private investors on their investment and financial strategies and projects. Alexis speaks English, French and Spanish.


Nathalie Longuet
(Dauphine University)

Nathalie brings 25 years of senior financial analysis (public and private equity), acquired working for leading investment and private banks. A top rated analyst, Nathalie now develops a hands-on expertise at advising corporates from the consumer-goods and luxury sector, field where Nathalie has unique competences and knowledge. Nathalie worked in Paris, London and Geneva; she speaks English and French.

Olivier Assa
(New York University)

Olivier brings 20 years of experience in corporate and investment banking, acquired in New York, Paris and Geneva. Owing to his extensive network of relationships, Olivier focuses on advising wealthy families and entrepreneurs in their investment and governance, as well as on providing investment opportunities in Private Equity or Real Estate. Olivier speaks English, German, French and Luxembourgish.


Philippe Guy
(Essec Business School)

Philippe brings 25 years of senior financial management / CFO, successively based in Tokyo, Paris, London and Geneva. Philippe has developed a unique and result-oriented know-how in the fields of corporate finance, investment and international corporate structure. Philippe speaks English, French and Russian.


A-Capital recommends and collaborates with:

Fabien Billet
(Corporate law / Paris Bar)

Fabien brings 15 years of experience in the field of Corporate Law, collaborating with renowned law firms in Paris. Fabien works for growing businesses (and their manager shareholders), both listed and unlisted, and investment funds on issues such as fund raising, shareholders agreements, M&A, IPOs, restructuring and disposals.


A-Capital recommends and collaborates with:


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